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Listed: November 15, 2017 at 4:50 pm

Medium mixed breed female, 10 months. Not available for interstate adoption (ACT ok) Meet Mikomi! This adorable 10 month old pup is just a treat. She is extremely well behaved, toilet trained and will come to you as soon as you call her. She needs a lot of love and attention due to loving us humans so much, but that’s all she needs to be a happy girl! Mikomi knows how to sit, lie down and wait, and she is quickly learning to walk on heel. She is a bit nervous of other dogs, especially if they are brash and too up in her face, but does not growl or bark, and off the lead she is much more relaxed and ready to play with other doggos. She is currently in foster care with a 1 year old Great Dane mix, and they have been loving each other’s company. She...

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Listed: November 15, 2017 at 4:58 pm

Large Boxer male, 3 years. Not available for interstate adoption (ACT ok) Mak makes the sun shine for his family! This sweet and affectionate boy loves his people and gets very bonded with them, he loves to be around them non stop. Life is about being in the moment for Mak, he makes the most of everything, whether it is chasing bubbles or lazing upside down on a couch. Mak has a good level of obedience and is toilet trained, he is a little picky with his canine friends, but with a proper introduction he does get along well with the girls...felines are a definite foe however. Bubbly is a word used to describe Mak often, and handsome, oh so handsome! If you think Mak could be your new BFF, get in touch :)

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Listed: November 29, 2017 at 10:22 am

1 year 2 month old large male mixed breed. Not available for interstate adoption (ACT ok). Introducing Mr Lovable! Italus is such a beautiful and affectionate dog who would just loves being around you. Rub his belly and he will be your best friend forever! Italus can be a little timid around strangers at first but it doesn’t take him long to warm up at all, and then he is their shadow looking for attention. He loves his bed and is more than happy to sit down on his bed by your side and relax. When its playtime he turns into a puppy and is just so cute! He loves balls, toys and sticks, and enjoys playing fetch. Italus has that nice balance of being chilled inside but happy to go outside for a play with you as well, which makes him a great dog to have around. Italus has...

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Listed: December 11, 2017 at 5:03 pm

Large mixed breed male, 13 weeks. Not available for interstate adoption (ACT ok). Trek has a sweet lovely nature. He is a calm and gentle boy who loves to hang with his chosen human getting tummy rubs, sleeping and outdoor wandering. Trek isn’t confident in large outdoor areas yet but with gentle coaxing is making progress. He loves to play with one of our dogs but is a little shy of the larger dog. He has been learning to sit and come and uses the dog door to access the back yard for toileting or playing. He has also started crate training and is happy to be there as long as his human is close by. Trek is in a home with 8 children, the youngest being 4 and he greets and plays with them all with enthusiasm and gentleness. His confidence is growing, but he does not like to...

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Listed: December 13, 2017 at 12:36 pm

Medium mixed breed female, 7 months. Not available for interstate adoption (ACT ok) Oh my! This girl is something special! Meet Thiele. Ridiculously sweet and affectionate, she loves cuddles. She is such a gentle natured girl who likes to warm up to people and can be a little shadow once she's decided you're ok. She is super playful but at nap time she will happily curl up and sleep on your lap. Thiele can often be seen just following the resident dogs in her foster home around and encouraging them to play. She loves playing chasing games in the backyard and will usually have a toy dragging from her mouth at the same time. Thiele is well socialised with other dogs and she especially will get on well with them if they're playful too. She's been introduced to cats and is comfortable with them and has even hung out with...

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Listed: January 17, 2018 at 8:51 pm

Large male mixed breed, 14mths old. Not available for interstate adoption (ACT ok) This beautiful boy is a 31Kg dog who thinks he is the size of a chihuahua and has no qualms in trying to sit on your lap. He loves doggy companion especially smaller dogs. He can be a noisy player and he knows how to play with the old, the very young and juvenile and adopts the same intensity of play to suit each furry companion. Oki is also cat friendly and has even fostered a 4 week old abandoned kitten. Oki loves water, though he is not a good swimmer and if going to the beach or deep waters it is recommended he is bought a floating jacket. He loves the rain and fetching balls when thrown into a clam shell full of water. He is very good when bathing, unless you are trying to use...

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Listed: January 17, 2018 at 8:53 pm

Medium mixed breed female, 9 months. Not available for interstate adoption (ACT ok) This girl is full of zest and plays well with all other dogs, she loves the company of other dogs and loves doggy play. She is submissive when required and if a dog shows aggression or dominance she instantly submits. She does have a noisy way of playing which often sounds like growling but it’s only play. She also loves her ears being chewed on by other dogs, and then chewing on theirs. If homed with another dog ideally it would be with a dog to match her zest and energy. She loves BIG dogs… St Bernard’s, Labradors, kelpies, dingoes etc. She won’t fetch a ball for you but she will chase any dog with a ball or toy. This beautiful soul is crate trained, toilet trained, able to sit on command, recall success of 95% (if...

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