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Yondu – on hold

Listed: May 23, 2017 at 2:43 am

Small mixed breed male, 7 years. Yondu is an excitable little bundle. He came into care not really keen on affection and didn't seem used to even being picked up. What a transformation he has made! He now loves cuddles and belly rubs and has come out of his shell. He loves to play and rumble with his foster brothers and has also demonstrated good social skills with larger dogs. He is house trained, however he will need some ongoing training with basic commands and walking on the lead. Yummy treats will help this along nicely. Yondu has a sweet friendly nature and loves meeting new people. He would suit a home that will include him as part of the family, including sleeping inside and snuggles on the lounge. He'd love a family where someone is home most of the time or has another dog to keep him company. Once...

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Reo – on hold

Listed: June 13, 2017 at 6:33 am

Large mixed breed male, 5 months. Not available for interstate adoption. Just by looking at this boy you can see he has character, but what you find out in person is that he is a sweet and loving puppy that will make a family very happy. Reo has such a handsome and shiny dark coat and that ear is a highlight! He is a playful and happy puppy who enjoys human companionship. Reo is a snuggler who will happily fall asleep curled up with you on the lounge. He loves pats and getting attention, and he enjoys playing games with his people and toys as well. During his time in care Reo has been well socialised with a range of dogs. He is friendly with all of the dogs that he meets and just occasionally needs a reminder to remember his manners. Reo has loved being in care with other...

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Listed: June 16, 2017 at 7:31 am

Med mixed breed female, 1 year. Not available for interstate adoption. This gorgeous thing is a happy go lucky kinda girl, who loves everyone and everything. When she meets new people, she can't contain her excitement or love and will shower everyone with kisses and loads of attention. We're working on teaching her to restrain her love and keep it a little more to herself! She's currently going on pack walks every week and is learning great skills on lead and is behaving wonderfully in areas with distractions. The dog park is a favourite place of hers and she'll happily play with everyone, and is partial to larger dogs. She's in care with another playful large dog and enjoys the daily company. Vi Loves to play and really loves a good rumble..zoomies and chasies are favourite games along with anything play related actually! At the end of the day she...

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Listed: June 18, 2017 at 6:20 am

Large mixed breed male, 5 years. Not available for interstate adoption. If you’re a sucker for puppy dog eyes you will have no chance with this boy! Scorpio holds the serious look just to draw your attention to his eyes! Then you're done. Don’t think you can say no to those eyes! The eyes want you and nothing but your attention… oh and food. Don’t forget the food. He is so treat driven he will do anything for food. Scorpio lives for the tummy rubs. He will lean against your legs, head looking backwards up at you then suddenly flop on the ground hoping your hands will follow and if they do he will throw his head back in pure enjoyment. He loves his morning and evening walks and is currently walking on a training collar so he will politely heel next to you. He enjoys exploring by your side....

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Listed: June 24, 2017 at 6:19 am

Medium mixed breed male, 10 years. Not available for interstate adoption. Got a couch to share? Tallis is a lovely natured boy who is as loyal as they come. He is a true companion dog who would love someone to hang out with. Tallis is always happy to see you and gets a big smile on his face when you come home, complete with a waggy tail. He loves pats and especially tummy rubs. Tallis is more than happy to hop up on the couch with you in the evenings to watch TV and have a nap. He enjoys being next to you and will even fall asleep in your lap if you let him. Don’t let that bit of grey around his muzzle fool you – Tallis has plenty of life left in him. He is relatively active for his age and LOVES going on a daily walk. In...

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Listed: July 5, 2017 at 5:27 am

Large mixed breed male, 12 weeks. Not available for interstate adoption (ACT ok). Are you ready for some puppy snuggles?! Meet Octans! Octans is cuddly and squishy! He has a thick fluffy coat and a bob tail (born with virtually no tail), which makes him very unique. Octans absolutely loves to snuggle and is one of the most cuddly pups you will meet. He has a very sweet nature, and is generally calm and gentle. Octans still likes to play though. He likes his soft toys and playing tug of war, and is generally happy to be interacting with his people. Octans enjoys wandering around the yard and is happy to do his own thing when you pop out for a little while. During his time in care, Octans has met a range of other dogs, big and small, and he is friendly with them all. He has a more...

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Listed: July 5, 2017 at 5:32 am

Large mixed breed male, 12 weeks. Not available for interstate adoption (ACT ok) He is cute and fluffy and ready for some fun! Acamar is a gorgeous and loveable puppy. He has a thick fluffy coat and a bob tail (born with virtually no tail), which makes him very unique. Acamar is definitely a cuddler and will happily fall asleep curled up in your lap after a big day of adventures. He enjoys exploring the yard and interacting with his people friends. Acamar enjoys meeting people and is always up for some pats and attention. He also likes to play with his soft toys and give you kisses. During his time in care, Acamar has met a range of other dogs. He has a more timid nature with other dogs until he gets to know them, then his more confident playful side comes out. Acamar enjoyed playing with his brother...

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Listed: July 7, 2017 at 9:33 am

Medium mixed breed male, 16 weeks. Not available for interstate adoption (ACT fine) Ready to meet Diablo the superstar?! Diablo is a confident little go getter. This gorgeous pup is either going at full speed or he is cuddling up in your lap. Diablo is the best cuddler and he doesn’t mind if it’s a person or another dog he is snuggling up with. He will definitely keep you warm on these wintery evenings. Diablo enjoys attention and pats, and he will give you some nice kisses in return if you let him. He enjoys meeting new people and isn’t afraid to invite himself into their lap for those much loved cuddles. During his time in care, Diablo has met a wide range of dogs and he has loved them all. He has enjoyed having some other playful dogs in his foster home and going to the dog beach. Diablo...

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Listed: July 12, 2017 at 4:01 am

Medium mixed breed female, 6 years. Zuri is a happy and loving girl who loves nothing more than a belly scratch. She is as loyal as they come and just loves your company. She also loves squeaky toys, laying in the sun and snuggling on your lap in the night time. Zuri loves going on a walk and even is up for the dog park. She is sociable but does take a while to warm to the other dogs (humans are her favourite!). In a home environment, she prefers to be the boss dog so if living with another, would need to be a chilled out submissive type. She really does just want ALL of your love and attention so it is recommended that she goes to a home where she is the only dog. Zuri can sit, shake and wait on command. She should be allowed inside as she...

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