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Listed: June 13, 2017 at 7:23 am

8 month old female Medium mixed breed. Not available for interstate adoption (ACT ok). This crazy character will show you how much more the world has to offer when you explore it together. Bexa is a lover of all people! she will bounce around looking for love, jumping up trying to reach to share her kisses all over your face! She spent the weekend at the Sydney Dog Lovers show and she did just that - licked everyone that walked past! Bexa is definitely made up with working breed characteristics. She has the drive for any activity that you ask of her and will need a family that has a drive to participate in some form of dog sports or activities. This girl loves to burn the extra energy playing with her doggy companions. She has worked on her dog social skills and loves all 8 foster dogs in care...

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Listed: August 11, 2017 at 12:19 pm

11 week old large female mixed breed. Not available for interstate adoption (ACT ok). Oh my! This girl is something special! Meet Thiele – or as she is often called, Miss attitude plus! She has come from a background with virtually no human interaction but you would not pick it at all as she loves everyone. She is super playful but at nap time she will happily curl up and sleep on your lap. Thiele can often be seen just following the resident dogs in her foster home around and jumping all over them to play. She loves playing chasing games in the backyard and will usually have a toy dragging from her mouth at the same time. Thiele has begun socialisation with other dogs in her foster home and gets along with them well as long as they want to have a good game with her. She would do...

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Listed: September 3, 2017 at 3:22 am

13 week old female small mixed breed. Not available for interstate adoption (ACT ok). Guarenteed to put a smile on your face! Little Lozen – she loves life and nothing makes her happier than some sunshine. She loves to lie in the Sun and can be seen doing this for a large portion of these winter days. Lozen is also a very playful little girl who likes to do little zoomies around the yard and play with sticks and leaves that she finds along the way. She likes to chase toys that you wiggle along the ground in front of her so that she can pounce on them with her cute little feet. Lozen likes to curl up in your lap for naps, even better if your sitting in the sun with her, or lie against you on the lounge. She is a delightful pup who warms your heart. Lozen...

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Listed: September 3, 2017 at 3:42 am

9 week old female medium mixed breed. Not available for interstate adoption (ACT ok). A pup as sweet as candy! Candelo is an absolutely gorgeous pup who is ready to have lots of fun times with her new family. She is a very affectionate puppy who loves people and getting cuddles. Candelo is confident and happy to meet anyone, including children, and is even happier if she gets plenty of attention in return for her waggy tail and kisses. She also enjoys playtime and will play with any toy or stick on offer, and finds running through the play tunnel a blast! Candelo is a great snuggler when play time is over and it’s time for a nap. She enjoys curling up with her foster carer and other doggy friends on the couch at night time. Candelo has been very well socialised while in care as she has met a...

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Listed: September 4, 2017 at 3:04 am

XLarge mixed breed male, 2 years. Not available for interstate adoption (ACT ok). What a smoocher! Widget is an adorable boy who has the most wonderful, sweet nature. He's a little bit cheeky and a lot of amazing. He's a social butterfly when at the dog park, making sure he gets around to say hello to every person there, and of course solicit some pats! Wonderful with other dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes, Widgy loves to play. Whether it be bitey face, chasies or tuggy, he's up for it.His favourite game is having others chasing him trying to get the toy from him and boy is he agile! A handsome young man with a shiny black coat, Widget is a large breed and is currently around 55kg and a few inches shy of my hip. Widget is fantastic in the car, he just lays down and goes to...

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Zohn – on hold

Listed: September 5, 2017 at 11:27 pm

2yr male large mixed breed. Not available for interstate adoption (ACT ok). Looking for a gentle and affectionate dog to join your home? Meet Zohn! Zohn is a love bug – he is a very affectionate dog who is friendly with everyone that he meets. He enjoys meeting new people and even knows when to be even gentler and quieter around less dog confident people. Zohn loves a cuddle and getting affection which you can see by the look on his face. He is a very well behaved dog despite his size and he is careful in the house not to knock things over. Generally, Zohn is a confident and calm dog who will make a great addition to many homes. Being a larger dog, Zohn thoroughly enjoys getting out and about for a walk or a run. He is great to walk and will greet any of the other...

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Listed: September 6, 2017 at 12:05 am

Large mixed breed male, 2 years. Not available for interstate adoption (ACT ok). Want a sweet smoochy boy ? Meet Asher! A very handsome affectionate companion that loves children and playing around with other dogs! Asher loves walks, lying around in the sun and hugs & kisses being told 'good boy!'. A good alert dog, he'll let you know if someone he doesn't know is lurking around! Great at obeying basic commands to sit and lie down, he's house trained too and can be strong on lead, so unless you want the kids pulled along on skateboards, he'll need some additional work in this area! We are looking for a home with a bit of space. Asher likes spending time in the yard during the day and snuggling in front of the fire at night. His favourite hobby is walkies and he's a beautiful, gentle natured dog. Asher needs a...

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Listed: September 6, 2017 at 3:25 am

9 week old male medium mixed breed. Not available for interstate adoption (ACT ok). Check out this cutie! Cobar is a gorgeous and sweet little guy who will melt your heart. He loves a good cuddle and turns into quite the sook when he gets to curl up with you. Cobar is lovely natured and a happy boy who enjoys meeting new people and getting their attention. He enjoys playing with toys and can often be found running around with a fluffy squeaky toy in his mouth. Cobar is in care with one of his siblings and a couple of adult dogs. He is a playful boy who is great with the other dogs. Cobar enjoys playing chasing games with his sibling or just chilling and lying in the sun with each other. They enjoy snuggling up with each other when all the playtime is over. Cobar will be a...

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Listed: September 6, 2017 at 3:49 am

9 week old male medium mixed bred. Not available for interstate adoption (ACT ok). Kew is one cool pup! Kew is your typical puppy – he is fun, he is cute and he is cuddly. This pup enjoys a good snuggle session with his foster carers as well as lots of pats and attention. Kew makes you say ‘aww’ because of his handsome dark face and cute ears. You can’t help but like this fellow. Kew has a fun personality and likes playtime. He can often be seen zooming around with a fluffy squeaky toy in his mouth. Kew is friendly with everyone that he meets, even children who come to visit. His favourite pastime is sunbaking so I hope you have a sunny spot in the yard for him to lie in! Kew has spent his time in care with one of his siblings and two adult dogs. He...

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Listed: September 14, 2017 at 1:41 am

Large mixed breed female, 9 months. Not available for interstate adoption (ACT ok). Looking for a really cuddly dog ? Meet Vieta! This gorgeous girl will pull your heartstrings by just looking at you.. Vieta came into care without much confidence or training, but with the help of her foster mum she's shown so much progress already. She can be a little overwhelmed by dogs up in her face, so best to have a slower, relaxed introduction for her to feel at ease. Once she does, she likes to play and is happy with doggy company, currently living with another dog and going to the dog park for even more play time. Vieta is has been crate trained and house trained and she loves cuddles and people the most! She has complete trust in her humans ..she could cuddle all day and she'll give you a slight reminder to keep...

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Lady GaGa – on hold

Listed: September 15, 2017 at 5:04 am

Small mixed breed female, 2 years. Not available for interstate adoption (ACT ok) INTRODUCING THE PERFECT LITTLE LADY Looking for a little pocket rocket with the most beautiful ears?, then meet Lady GaGa. This little package of joy and delight is so much fun, she'll have you smiling all day. Super friendly, she loves following her foster carer around the house. Her carer has two other small dogs (male and female) and she loves nothing better than playing with them. GaGa is quite good walking on a lead but will benefit with a little extra training and she travels well in the car, so is up for any family adventures! She just loves people and asks for nothing more than to cuddle up beside you on the sofa/chair. She makes a great movie buddy.... She will best suit a home where she'll be part of the family and involved in...

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Osaki – on hold

Listed: September 16, 2017 at 12:26 pm

10 week old medium male mixed breed. Not available for interstate adoption (ACT ok). Check out this heart melter! Osaki is simply adorable and his little face wrinkles are to die for! He has a beautiful personality to match his looks and is friendly with everyone that he meets. Osaki is definitely not opposed to a cuddle and will give little kisses in return. He has a calmer nature and is not your typical bitey or jumpy puppy. Osaki is known to enjoy exploring and playing with toys, as well as snuggling up with his carers on the lounge for naps. He is such a darling boy who will make a family very happy. Osaki absolutely loves other dogs. He has been extensively socialised while in care and his little face lights up whenever he is with other dogs. Osaki enjoys playing with the other pups in care and will...

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Listed: September 17, 2017 at 7:50 am

10 week old female large mixed breed. Not available for interstate adoption (ACT ok). What a beautiful girl! Ulan is simply adorable in every way. She has those beautiful floppy ears, shiny black coat, cute white markings and soulful puppy dog eyes. Ulan just draws everyone in! She is such a lovely natured girl as well – happy and playful just like a puppy should be. Ulan greets everyone with a waggy tail and a few kisses, even all the kids down the park who love to have her sit in their lap for cuddles. She can be found snoozing the evening away on the couch with her carer and snuggle time is enjoyed by all. Ulan likes to play with toys and will happily follow her carer around the house and yard. During her time in care, Ulan has been well socialised with a range of dogs. She is...

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Listed: September 17, 2017 at 10:12 am

21 month old female small mixed breed. Not available for interstate adoption (ACT ok). Looking for a new best friend? Meet Musk! Musk is your true loyal companion who greets you with a smile, waggy tail and happy dance all the time. She loves to do everything with her carer; walks, cuddles, naps, car rides, and she would go to work with her too if she was allowed! Musk loves to hang out on the lounge with her carer and enjoys a good tummy rub. She came into care obese and has been on a strict diet and exercise regime. Musk is a much happier and healthier dog now who has a new lease on life. Musk was not well socialised before coming to us and will still bark at strangers that come to the house. Once they give her a pat though she warms up to them pretty quickly,...

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Listed: September 18, 2017 at 8:25 am

Large mixed breed male, 10 weeks. Not available for interstate adoption (ACT ok). Obley is a little bundle of bouncing happy joy. While he's small enough, he will sit in your lap and cuddle you all day long while watching what's going on around him. If it takes his interest he's off to investigate as long as he can see you. With his curious eyes and very good hearing he will be right back beside you before you know it and under your feet. Obley likes the comforts of his humans and will bury his head in you when he sleeps. Training is going well and he's currently learning toilet training but needs a little more time to be perfect. Basic skills are improving and lead training is also something we're working on. He's quite happy walking on lead, provided it's not too far for his little puppy legs, he...

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Vivalto – on hold

Listed: September 20, 2017 at 3:08 am

3 month old small mixed breed. Not available for interstate adoption (ACT ok). Who is a cute boy?! Vivalto! This pup will be your ultimate companion dog as he loves people and forms strong bonds. Vivalto is one that will want to go everywhere with you – in the car, off on a walk, and follow you around the house and yard. He is calm, friendly and confident meeting and greeting new people, and is happy to be a lap dog so that he can absorb all the attention. Vivalto is also playful and curious in nature and he thoroughly enjoys having a chew on a hard plastic bone or chew toy. During his time in care, Vivalto has been socialised with a range of dogs. He is generally good with the two resident giant breed dogs in his foster home but he does find them a bit intimidating at...

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Listed: September 21, 2017 at 12:13 am

Large mixed breed female, 10 weeks. Not available for interstate adoption (ACT ok). Well what can I say about this gorgeous little girl, she is mischievous, cheeky, fun-loving and very puppy-like in all her actions. Coolah is also very loving and loves nothing better than to curl up on your lap, bury her face and settle down for a snuggle and watch TV with you. She is always close by, watch out or you will step on her! She loves to weave herself in and around your legs when you are walking. She is working on her house-training, not quite there yet but that will come in no time because she is easy to train and very eager to please. She is also very food motivated so that will make all her other training a breeze. Coolah has done some lead training, she really isn’t quite sure what to make...

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Listed: September 21, 2017 at 12:22 am

Large mixed breed male, 1 years old. Want to look like a great trainer? This is the boy who will make you look the part! Flick is an amazing character with lots of energy. He is so trainable and picks up anything you ask of him insanely quickly. He is on the search for his family to satisfy his dreams. His dream is to compete in competitions. He would suit any form from flyball, agility or sledding! He is highly ball driven, or sticks, or toys anything you are willing to throw and play with. He work for the reward of a ball or tug toy. He has energy to keep anyone on their toes. And if your not looking for a ball competitor then his strength will pull you to the finish line in sledding. His strength from his lean body is unbelievable. If you don’t want his strength...

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