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Listed: January 14, 2017 at 2:41 am

Small / Medium mixed breed female, 3 .5 years old. Not available for interstate adoption. It doesn’t matter that she can’t hear the music – she is the life of the party. This little girl which I like to call a ‘frenchie gone wrong’ is mostly deaf. Although throughout her care with me, she hears when I tell her to get out of the food but then wont hear a car or the door open, so, I'm calling her a fibber!. When she came into care she was a crazy rocket jumping with joy everywhere and had no training at all. Now walk around your house and she will run and sit in front of you as she know she gets the cuddles she longs for with good behaviour. Ascot has a special look to her. She is only reasonably small but a square head and ears that come out...

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Listed: March 28, 2017 at 5:15 am

Large mixed breed male, 16 weeks. Not available for interstate adoption. What a cutie! Scud is a gorgeous boy who loves everyone. A bit of a smoocher, Scud enjoys spending time with you and having a good cuddle. He'll happily be curled up next to you while watching tv or hanging outside while you enjoy the fresh air with a glass of wine! He does enjoy a good play with other dogs and is up for any games. He enjoys his play time so much, he'll tell the world how much fun he's having by being very vocal at play time with growls and barks and all those noises that mean 'I'm having a blast'. A clever boy, Scud has learnt to sit and has basic manners, is house trained and crate trained. He loves the treats, so further training will be quite easy and is a must for such...

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Listed: April 24, 2017 at 8:15 am

Look at this gorgeous girl! Anura is a pretty puppy with a beautiful nature to match. She is a happy and playful girl who enjoys getting out and about with her carer. Anura also likes to run around the house and yard with toys of all different types. She loves her people and is enthusiastic in greeting and saying hello to everyone that she meets. Anura is very affectionate and is more than happy to show you this with her waggy tail and kisses. She can often be found snuggled up with her carer on the lounge getting pats and cuddles. During her time in care, Anura has been socialising with a range of dogs. She enjoys trips to the off-lead dog park and happily makes friends with the other dogs that she meets there. Anura loves to play with her doggy friends and will benefit from being in a...

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Listed: April 24, 2017 at 8:36 am

Large mixed breed male, 12 weeks. Not available for interstate adoption. Looking for a snuggle buddy ? Meet Capra! He absolutely loves cuddles and attention. He can find it difficult to fall asleep when no one is next to him, although he's getting more used to it. Capra has lots of fun with his sister, so he would love to have another dog to play with. A big boy already and growing very quickly, he's likely to be large in size when fully grown. He enjoys going outside for a walk to discover new places, people and dogs and is just getting used to walking on the lead. Training is coming along nicely and he already knows how to sit for a treat and is getting the toilet training under control. Great with travelling in the car and will find a comfy spot and go to sleep. Very keen to...

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Listed: May 2, 2017 at 6:32 am

Large mixed breed female, 12 weeks. Not available for interstate adoption. Aquila is brave and bold pup that loves to go splorin'. She is the perfect mixture of independent and snooky snuggly. Aquila gets along with all the dogs she has met so far and wouldn't mind another dog to live with when she leaves her brother. She takes her training seriously (especially when there is food involved!) and her and her brother sit nicely already and are working on their toilet training too. Aquila doesn't like to miss out on any of the fun and will need a home where her humans will like to do activities with her and keep her involved. Someone to commit to her further training and socialisation and she'll require a home with another pooch or someone home most days. She is growing fast already and is likely to be a big girl when...

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Listed: May 2, 2017 at 6:38 am

Large mixed breed male, 12 weeks. Not available for interstate adoption. Eqqus is a very special boy and his gorgeous brown coat stood out amongst his all white brothers and sisters, as does his little personality. Eqqus is much more calm and sensitive than his sister Aquila, whom he currently lives with. He enjoys playing with his sister and being a big silly puppy but quickly finds he needs a nap and a cuddle. He gets along with all the doggie friends he has met so far and wouldn't mind another dog to live with when he leaves his sister. A clever little pup that has the "sit" command down pat already and is making good progress working on his toilet training too. Eqqus is so well mannered that he often waits for his sister to eat first, so needs to be encouraged to tuck in to his own bowl....

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Listed: May 5, 2017 at 12:14 am

Medium mixed breed male, 3 years. Are you looking for a cool dude to join your family? Meet Midas! Midas is a fun and friendly young man who is a great companion. He loves to get out and about with you but also is happy to lie on his bed next to you and chill. Midas thrives off affection and he gets that look of total bliss on his face when you scratch his back. He really enjoys a game of fetch and he is very good at returning the ball to you and leaving it on command for the next go. Midas also likes his toys, though they don’t last particularly long as his favourite thing to do with them is chew on them or pull the stuffing out! But thankfully he’s past the puppy age and leaves other things around the house alone. The dog park is one...

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Listed: May 12, 2017 at 4:47 am

Medium mixed breed female, 2 years. Not available for interstate adoption. Osanna is such a sweet soul. A shy girl, this sweetheart is still learning that us humans and other dogs are ok and worthy of her trust & affection. She's been learning some basic manners whilst in care and knows how to sit on command, and is learning wait too. She's house trained and walks nicely on lead. Once she's bonded with you, Osanna is super loyal to her human pack and will follow you everywhere, staying close by your side. She needs a family that will continue her training and help her build the confidence she needs to enjoy more of life.She's starting to come out of her shell, but will need more coaxing from a patient, loving home. Osanna is currently living in care with another dog and she gets on fine with her. She's happy to...

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Listed: May 23, 2017 at 2:43 am

Small mixed breed male, 7 years. Yondu is an excitable little bundle. He came into care not really keen on affection and didn't seem used to even being picked up. What a transformation he has made! He now loves cuddles and belly rubs and has come out of his shell. He loves to play and rumble with his foster brothers and has also demonstrated good social skills with larger dogs. He is house trained, however he will need some ongoing training with basic commands and walking on the lead. Yummy treats will help this along nicely. Yondu has a sweet friendly nature and loves meeting new people. He would suit a home that will include him as part of the family, including sleeping inside and snuggles on the lounge. He'd love a family where someone is home most of the time or has another dog to keep him company. Once...

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Groot – on hold

Listed: May 23, 2017 at 3:10 am

Small mixed breed male, 2 years. I am Groot! What a gorgeous young man he is. Sweet natured, he enjoys a good cuddle on the lounge and a nice pat. He'll likely fall asleep on your lap and even start snoring!! He is a calm boy and very friendly with other dogs and loves to play with other doggy pals. He enjoys a good outside exploration and will happily wander around seeing what the world has to offer. His recall skills are not great, so would need to be on lead when outside. Further work in this area could improve this however. Groot is not a puppy, so he has some manners and is very well behaved in the house, is house trained and knows basic commands. He enjoys lazing in the sun and will happily sleep all day long if allowed! A warm spot on a terrace or backyard...

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Listed: May 24, 2017 at 2:44 am

Large mixed breed male, 4 years. Not available for interstate adoption. There are so many pet names for this boy...frinkle face, slobber chops, chunky monkey and the list goes on.... It doesn't really matter what you call him or what cute, silly name you come up with, the only thing that really matters is how awesome he is! Hantz is just a big, gorgeous boy with a kind, sweet nature and a lust for your love and affection. He enjoys a good head rub and will burrow his head into you with a soft groan if you hit the right spots. He enjoys climbing up on the lounge for a cuddle and will happily sleep tucked up beside you ( as much as you can tuck a huge body!). He's good with other dogs and if they wish to be friends, he'll be their friend, if they want to be...

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