Breed: Mixed
Sex: Female
Age: 8 months
Dog Size: Medium
Adoption Fee: $600
Located: Dulwich Hill NSW 2203

Looking to add some spice to your life? Meet Nutmeg!

This gorgeous girl is a bouncy and happy puppy with a really sweet nature. She is very affectionate and loves to snuggle up for cuddles with her foster family, even better if you top it off with some belly rubs as she falls asleep! She has a lot of love to give in return and shows it with kisses and a waggy tail. Nutmeg’s happy place is the outdoors. She loves her walks, playdates at the park and playing games in the backyard such as tug of war and fetch. Nutmeg also loves water. Whether it’s a run through the sprinkler or running along the beach, she finds absolute joy in splashing around in water, even more so if she has a doggy friend to share the fun with!

Nutmeg is dog friendly and wants to meet every other dog she sees. She has been living with another dog in her foster home and the two dogs get along well. Nutmeg loves to play chasies with her foster sibling. When the play time is over, they will nap side by side in each other’s company. Nutmeg will need a home with another friendly and playful dog. When out and about, she gains confidence from her foster sibling and overcomes challenges like sudden loud noises faster by having a good role model by her side. Nutmeg is a relatively active girl and will need daily exercise and mental stimulation to keep her happy and healthy throughout her life. She will also need access to an appropriate doggy friend or two to have regular playdates with.

While in foster care, Nutmeg has been doing so well with her training and is very food motivated. She knows sit, stay and her recall is improving every day. Nutmeg is getting the hang of walking nicely on the lead but sometimes still pulls in excitement when she sees her doggy friends. She is toilet trained and crate trained where she sleeps throughout the night without a peep. Her new family will need to be willing to continue her training so that she can become a stellar canine citizen.

Currently, Nutmeg is around 13kg and is not expected to get much bigger at all. She travels well in the car and would love to tag along with her new family on outings and adventures in the future – particularly if it is to the beach! Nutmeg does fine left home alone for a few hours with the resident dog. We are looking for an active and dog experienced home for Nutmeg where she will be a loved member of the family. She must go to a home with another dog in the household who is already fully trained and ready to be a great role model for her. This dog should be adventurous and playful like she is. Nutmeg will need a yard, so she has some space to run around and explore.

Nutmeg will do best in a home where someone is home more often than not. She is an excellent work from home colleague who will go and cuddle up on her bed while her foster carers work. She even enforces the odd break in the day by happily bringing you a toy to brighten your day. Nutmeg should be allowed inside the home to be with the family and will need a warm comfy bed inside to sleep on at night. She will be suitable for a home with older children (teenagers or older). Nutmeg will bring a tonne of laughs and love to her new home and will make her new family very happy indeed.

If you are interested in making this gorgeous girl a part of your family, then please complete a Dog Adoption Enquiry form on the Fetching Dogs website as the first step. Please include plenty of details about your previous dog experience, current household members (including the resident pooch!) and the type of lifestyle you can offer Nutmeg.

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