Foster Carer Info

Foster Carers take on the responsibility of caring for a dog until he finds his new home.  While you look after him in your new home, we provide all necessary vetwork and toys, food, flea/worming treatment, etc. Although, if you’re willing to provide the smaller things yourself, it means we can save them for other dogs that come through our doors.

Fetching Dogs is a registered charity which specializes in rescuing and re-homing lost and abandoned dogs. We offer support and good communication to our carers and we are always available, whether you need a good chat or are in a crisis!

While the regular day-to-day care of the dog is up to the foster carers while they’re in their homes, we look after everything else. From the vetwork, to the advertising, to screening potential adopters, and getting all the necessary parts of the adoption done.

Need a bit of an extra hand in terms of getting the dog some training? We’ll get that sorted! From time to time we will also hold training workshops where you can also benefit as a dog handler – fostering is always about learning… but it’s also fun!

If you have always wanted to do volunteer work, here’s a chance to do it in the comfort of your own home and reap the rewards knowing you have helped save a life.

To become a foster carer for Fetching Dogs, please complete our Foster Carer Application.