About Fetching Dogs

Fetching Dogs is a registered and incorporated charity committed to saving dogs and puppies from uncertain futures throughout NSW.

All our dogs are in foster care for a minimum of two weeks to assess behaviour and general health. In that time we get to know the dogs and their personality. This enables us to have a good idea about what families would be a potential fit. We also use this time to have any vetwork completed. We are lucky enough to have a very dedicated foster carer network who look after and love our Fetching Dogs as their own.

We don’t breed label dogs of unknown genetic history. Each dog we take into care is treated as an individual, with unique needs and personalities to match.

We are passionate about animal welfare, in particular health and training, believing a healthy and well trained dog is an integral part of the family and the community as a whole.

Every Fetching Dog comes desexed, wormed, flea treated, vaccinated and, in most cases, with basic obedience.