Friends of Fetching Dogs

Fetching Dogs is lucky enough to be sponsored/supported by a few select businesses, who hold the same beliefs as we do regarding canine welfare, and actively help us save more and more dogs.

Ruthless Photos

Is run by Ruth O’Leary, an award-winning photographer based in Sydney, Australia. She volunteers her time and effort to ensure our dogs get the best photos they could possibly have to get noticed and organises fundraisers to help Fetching Dogs continue to save lives

Ruthless Leather

Specialise in making strong leather collars and leads for strong dogs. All their products are handmade using the finest leather and the strongest hardware available. Nothing is mass produced. Everything is tested and thoroughly quality checked before we send it to you

Vebo Pet Supplies

Have been around for over 10 years and are one of very few businesses in Australia that specialises in dog crates, exercise pens, dog runs and dog kennels. They’re a company that’s trusted by industry professional


It’s designed for people who love pets as much as we do. Pet people. Dog people. Cat worshippers. Turtle folk. Snake lovers. Mouse keepers. Bird fanciers. Fish fanatics. Guinea piggers. Whatever kind of pet you’ve got, whatever kind of pet you want to get, whatever kind of questions you have, we hope you find what you’re looking for.

The Sophisticated Pet

All of our items are completely handmade in the heart of Sydney. Built with the greatest love and care using only quality fabrics with unique and sophisticated designs for your Pet. As none of our items are mass-produced, they will only be available in limited quantities and for limited times. Meaning your Pet will always be ahead of the pack!

Help Save Lives

Become a supporter of Fetch ing Dogs and you will be maing a difference to the hundreds of dogs that end  up in the pound.