Donate Items

If you’re unable to make a monetary donation but would still like to contribute in some way, here’s a list of things you might have lying around, that could really help the dogs in our care:

  • Bedding. Whether it be dog beds, sheets, blankets, towels… it’s all needed.
  • Toys. Whether it be a Kong, a dental bone, a tennis ball. Even some cuddly toys that your kid has now outgrown could be great for dog.
  • A crate/carrier.
  • Playpen. It doesn’t even matter if it used to be for kids.
  • Leash/Collar.
  • Food. Full on bags of doggie dinner or just some treats. Can’t buy them? Maybe you could bake your own?
  • Baby Gates. Sometimes dogs need to be sectioned off from some areas of the house.
  • Grooming Supplies. Shampoo/Conditioner, etc.
  • Flea & Worming treatment. It’s amazing how much we all go through when every single dog needs treatment coming out of the pound.
  • Cleaning Products. This is more for the carers than the dogs but the costs can skyrocket after a while.