When my partner and I moved into our first home that we had bought months prior, we both knew that what we needed to complete it was a pooch! I had grown up with American Staffy’s and Dobermans throughout my childhood and knew that I wanted some sort of boo-headed dog.

I also knew that I wanted to adopt a dog and save a life, this was very important to my partner and I. Once the time was right we started looking on PetRescue for a face that would catch our attention. We looked for some time and I was looking on the website at least 5 times a day because I wanted a dog so badly.

One day I came across the cutest face i’d ever seen. A puppy named Bungee. Her and her brother were up for adoption through the organisation Fetching Dogs. I emailed my partner straight away with the link as I could not get over how beautiful this little girl was. I put in an application with Fetching Dogs straight away and was so nervous as I knew there would be heaps of interest in this puppy because of the photos and how gorgeous she was.

The photos were unlike any of the other animal photos I had seen before. Everything was so detailed from her cute little wrinkles on her face, to her beautiful yellow eyes and tiny little paws. It would be impossible for anyone not to fall in love with a dog after seeing the photos that were on the website.

My partner kept telling me not to get my hopes up but I knew this little girl would become part of our family. We then went to visit her at her foster carer’s place (which was Ruth, who had photographed her) and we both fell immediately in love. I wanted this dog more then anything. The photos were exactly how she looked in real life.

I then remember picking my partner up from the station after work one day and I got a phone call from Sonja with Fetching Dogs who told me the house visit went perfect and that Bungee was ours! I couldn’t believe it, I was so happy. We then picked her up and took her home and it has been amazing ever since.

Bungee is now Cali and she is 3 years old in late December of this year. She is a princess who loves nothing more then to curl up on the lounge/bed and sleep. She loves to wrestle with her many doggy friends and most of all she loves her big brother Spencer the cat. They play together all the time.

Cali has changed our lives in the most special way. I don’t have children yet but she is certainly my fur baby. I can’t imagine life without her and can’t imagine loving anything more.

I am so grateful for organisations such as Fetching Dogs and in particular people like Ruth who take the time out of their own lives to ensure these beautiful dogs are going to get the best life they deserve!!