Breed: Mixed
Sex: Male
Age: 18 months
Dog Size: Large
Adoption Fee: $550
Located: Glen Alpine

Our big, black beauty is ready to find his forever people! The toughest soldiers, get the hardest battles and this boy is tough. Zakir is a very unique boy looking for the perfect paradise to call home. Please ensure you read the entire profile to ensure you fit Zakir’s behaviour and medical needs.

He is the biggest smooch and flirt with his family. He holds your dressing gown and walk you outside to the garden for his morning wee. He is always happy and goofing around wanting to play tug.

Currently working with a trainer, Zakir has absolutely blossomed into a confident boy that has a natural desire to please and follow direction. He has shown that he is an extremely intelligent and willing dog who loves to please his handlers and will get even better in the right home.

In the right hands, he is an absolute dream and very easy to handle, in the wrong hands, well, not so much!

Zakir is a natural guardian and wants to protect his home and his family. He also prefers the company of people he knows and trusts. In saying that, he’s a perfectly friendly dog, he just ignores those that he doesn’t know.

Zakir loves nothing more than training! He loves toy based training and games and will encourage you to train with him! He knows so much already and lives to learn more.

He’s very social with other dogs but doesn’t want another dog at home as his people is all he really cares about. He has shown to be unfazed by cats, dogs and birds with the right person by his side, he will ignore them.

Put his love of training and intelligence aside, Zakir is also a beautiful, goofy, affectionate boy that loves a good tummy rub and a cuddle. He’s an awesome ‘mans best friend’ and ticks all the boxes when it comes to be your comrade. He will be by your side forever loyal.

Zakir has many German shepherd traits and we feel a family with German shepherd experience would be ideal to continue his development. He needs a confident handler who has experience with large breed dogs as he’s a big boy. Zakir has shown with the correct handler he is the most incredible, loving, playful, friendly and willing dog, but in less experienced hands he becomes nervous and confused.

Now the battle Zakir is currently facing. Due to his size, his spine has grown extra support to help stabilise his body, however this is causing pressure on his spinal cord. On a normal day he is just your typical large gangely goof, but on days where he had too much play or exercise his spinal cord is swollen and causes his back legs to be extra goofy. On these days inflammation medication is required. This condition is lifelong management and is likely to reduce his life expectancy. His activity level and exercise type needs to be monitored. At this stage he is doing well with gentle walks and enjoying the retired lockdown life!

This condition and his protective nature does require a special home. One preferably isolated where he can just enjoy his people. He is still so young and such a happy goofy dog he deserves a quality life no matter how long this may be.

You should be an adult couple or single male owner only with no kids at home. If you think you are the perfect family for our black beauty head on over to the Fetching Dogs website and fill in an Adoption enquiry form and we can discuss him further.