Breed: Mixed
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year
Dog Size: Medium
Adoption Fee: $550
Located: Werrington Downs

Our Wizzy girl!

Came into a rural pound pregnant and in care has raised a litter of 9 very large puppies. She is an amazing mother and her pups are off to the next step of their lives which means the same for mumma!

Her nature is commendable, she had been at a pound, a long transport journey, birthing 9 healthy LARGE puppies, slotted into her foster home with 3 other dogs and shared her space and puppies with all the home. She was incredible and did not get protective of her pups with the other dogs or humans. She was happy to show them off to anyone. She did an amazing job feeding and cleaning them the entire way through raising them and had an amazing nurturing nature.

Wizzy is a young mum, still with lots of energy even after playing with her puppies all day and fellow doggies in the house. She loves a good run and to stretch her legs but can get carried away and is a bit mouthy in play.

In typical cattle dog style, she loves to go for the legs when playing and will need other dogs that are okay with this style of play or an owner happy to manage it. But one thing she does love more is humans. She will happily snuggle on the coach during Netflix time.

Just a walk a day is not enough for her. She would do well with more mental stimulation. She needs to use that working mind for good. She loves all the fluffy cuddly toys and carries them around showing them off.

Wizzy is crate trained, toilet trained and is okay on the leash and loves to go for a walk and sniff! She is fine greeting calm dogs on leash but overexcited doggies are not something she likes.

Once all the fun is done then she loves to lounge around in the sun for the rest of the day. She loves greeting new visitors to the home too and her tail does not stop wagging. She has been an easy member of the home and deserves the next chapter to be amazing.

We are looking for a family for Wizzy that will give her the play and exercise she longs for. She is not a city girl and wouldn’t do well in busy dogs parks.

Her ideal home would have opportunities and play mates for controlled playtime and understands she hasn’t had the best start to training and exposure and has some experience handling this.

You would have a love for cattle mixes, will fall in love with her nature and make her work her mind with mental stimulation and sufficient physical exercise. Wizzy would do best with a family that has another dog at home or is home most days and have indoor/ outdoor access with a nice soft bed inside for night time. She is not suited to living with cats.

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