Breed: Mixed
Sex: Female
Age: 9 months
Dog Size: Large
Adoption Fee: $600
Located: Ultimo

Waffle is and incredibly sweet girl that loves giving licks and cuddles and is obsessed with getting belly rubs.

Her life to date seems somewhat sheltered and likely hasn’t been exposed to much of the world. Whilst she’s with us, we are showing her the world can be a fun place. She’s still getting accustomed to noisy cars and busy environments, but we’re almost there.

Her training is coming along nicely and Waffle will sleep through the night in her crate and happy to be in there for a couple hours if we need to run a errand. She knows to wee and poo outside on the grass, but hasn’t figured out how to tell us when she needs to go yet. Can still pull on the lead when walking but that will take some training.

She’s bonded incredibly will with her foster sister, they are both about 20kg and love playing rope tug or play fighting over a toy. She is timid at approaching dogs and people but does warm up to new people in a short time. Has not spent long with other dogs or children at this stage but she does have a lovely sweet temperament.

Waffle will do best with a family that can commit to her her ongoing training and introduction to the big world with understanding and at a pace beneficial to her. By giving her great positive interactions with people, places and dogs without overwhelming her, her confidence will be built.

We are looking for a dog savvy family that has some experience and understanding of shy & underexposed dogs that can confidently develop them. Another friendly & playful pooch at home and or someone home most days would be ideal.

Waffle would love a family that’s happy to indulge her belly rub needs and to show her a life of love and happiness. Good quality physical & mental stimulation is a must to keep her happy, healthy & engaged.

As an mostly indoor dog with outside access, her nightly bed will be inside with her family and maybe a spot on the lounge for lazy days and superior cuddles.

This sweet girl is looking for a wonderful family to call her own, please register your interest on our Fetching Dogs website and fill in the adoption enquiry form.