Tikka & Tigra – bonded pair
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Female
Age: 2 & 4 years
Dog Size: Small
Adoption Fee: $1000
Located: Ruse NSW 2560

Two words – instant family. That is what you get with the beautiful Tikka and Tigra. These darling girls are such a pleasure to have around the home and are wonderful companions. Both girls love attention. Tigra (the shaggier of the two) loves her belly rubs and Tikka (the smooth coated foxie type) gets the full body wriggles when she sees you. Adopting these two sweethearts will bring a lot of love to your home as they always make you smile.

Tikka and Tigra’s new home will need to provide plenty of cuddle time, and they would love to be invited up onto the lounge to snuggle next to you in the evenings. The girls are keen to greet new visitors and make everyone their new best friends. In particular, Tikka is a great little lap dog who will just take pats all day, and Tigra will jump up to say hi to encourage you to give her pats. Generally, both girls settle nicely at home and are quite calm. They are good with your general noises like loud cars, sirens, fireworks, and vacuum cleaners as well.

While in foster care, the girls have been showing off their basic training. Tigra is very smart and willing to learn. She knows how to sit, drop and stay. Tikka is a sweet soul who thrives off positive reinforcement and also knows how to sit. She finds loud yelling voices and really fast movements a bit scary so is best suited to people with soft personalities. Both girls walk well enough on the lead and enjoy a nice outing to explore the world. They are also crate trained which is where they sleep throughout the night without a peep. Tikka and Tigra also travel well in the car, mostly sleeping besides the odd peer out the window to see what’s going on. Tigra’s lovely coat will require some regular brushing to keep her looking her best. We had to shave her down quite a lot when she came into care as she was very matted!

The girls are generally in good health; however, Tigra, who is now just over 4 years old, has been diagnosed with juvenile cataracts. We are not able to predict whether or when her eyesight will decline. It is possible for her new owners to embark on cataract surgery if they choose to down the track. In preparation for potential decline, it may be best for their new home to have easy access inside/outside and not too many steps.

We are looking for a dog experienced home for these beautiful girls who can give them all the love and attention that they deserve. They are fine left home alone together, but it would still be great for someone to be home more often than not. Currently, the girls live alongside a cat without fuss so would be fine to live with a dog friendly cat in their new home. Although they are dog friendly, we are looking for a home where they would be the only dogs. Tikka and Tigra will need to be allowed inside to be with the family and will need a warm comfy bed inside to sleep on at night. We are looking for an adult only home and a quieter environment for the girls where they can live a fairly relaxed lifestyle with a nice daily walk and lots of snuggles.

If you would like to make these wonderful little dogs your new family members, then please complete a Dog Adoption Enquiry form on the Fetching Dogs website as the first step. Please include plenty of details about your previous dog experience, current household members and the type of lifestyle you can offer Tikka and Tigra.

Adoption fee is $500 each