Breed: Mixed
Sex: Male
Age: 1 year 7 months
Dog Size: Small
Adoption Fee: $600
Located: Mona Vale NSW 2103

Scotch has a beautiful temperament with a really affectionate nature. He loves cuddles and getting affection from his foster carer. He enjoys meeting new people once he gets a minute to check them out. After making new friends with visitors, he will then be right there ready for any pats and cuddles that are on offer. Scotch is the type of dog who will form a strong bond with his owners and be a loving and loyal companion. This little guy is super cute as he looks like a mini border collie even though he’s not. In fact, he is only small at 8kgs.

Scotch came into care from a rural facility in far western NSW. It appears he has not had a lot of exposure outside the home environment, so we have been taking things slowly with him to ensure he has positive experiences. Scotch is quite a soft natured dog and can spook or be overwhelmed by new things or loud noises like traffic. We feel that he will be best suited to a home in a quieter environment and with owners who can continue to build his confidence out and about.

Scotch came from a home with another small dog and is currently sharing his foster home with other dogs. He enjoys running around and playing with other dogs in the home. A game of chasies is always fun! Scotch has also socialised with some other small/medium sized dogs who have visited his home without an issue. Outside the home, Scotch is unsure of himself and the other dogs he sees. He would benefit from walking in areas that are not heavily packed with other dogs while he continues to build his confidence. Scotch would be best suited to sharing his new home with another small/medium, happy and friendly dog who could show him the ropes and have a run around with him when he is ready.

While in foster care, Scotch has been progressing wonderfully with his training. He is toilet trained and has sleeps in the lounge room on his bed throughout the night without a peep. Scotch does prefer his people to be around but is ok to be left alone with a chew in a crate or his carer’s lounge room for a few hours. He will let out a couple of barks or so when you initially leave but then doesn’t have any issues. Scotch experiences some car sickness but it is milder (no vomiting) when he sits in the front seat. He is also starting to show signs of improvement, coping better now with shorter trips so he may continue to improve in the future with practice. When out walking on lead, he walks really nicely. Sometimes he is a bit slow when he is unsure, but moves along well with some reassurance from his carer. Scotch thoroughly enjoys going on a bushwalk where he has the opportunity to explore and sniff all the new smells.

We are looking for a dog experienced home for Scotch where he will be a loved member of the family. He will need a home where someone is home more often than not, and he will ideally need a home with another small/medium dog as previously mentioned. It would also be fantastic if his new owners have some experience with timid dogs and building confidence. Scotch should be allowed to be inside with the family and will need a warm comfy bed to sleep on inside at night. Scotch has been exposed to older children but due to his more sensitive nature, we feel he would be best suited to an adult only home or a home with an older, quieter child or two (8yo plus). This little guy will be a wonderful companion for his new owner and bring a lot of love to the home.

If you would like to make this gorgeous little boy a part of your family, then please complete a Dog Adoption Enquiry form on the Fetching Dogs website as the first step. Please include plenty of detail about your previous dog experience, current household members and the type of lifestyle Scotch would have with you.