Breed: Mixed
Sex: Male
Age: 12 weeks
Dog Size: Large
Adoption Fee: $700
Located: Lalor Park

Rhubarb is a very cuddly, smart and bold pup. His sweet personality and soft demeanour make him the perfect man to snuggle up in a blanket with to watch a movie, but he’s also bold, brave and ready to take on the world with all its adventures.

He’s mastered a few of the basics with training already and knows sit , down and come. Crate training is a work in progress. He’s walking really well on lead, happily trotting beside you. He has a curious nose for smells and loves nothing more than a good sniffari.

Rhubarb is happy to meet everyone. Big or small, short or tall.
He’s cautious when meeting new dogs out on walks but once comfortable he’s ready to play! He lives with a cat too.

Baths are enjoyed and he will happily enjoy the warm water for as long as you let him. He is showing all the signs of being a big water baby, so a beach or river home would be ideal.

Like most puppies, Rhubarb loves toys of all types, ropes , kongs and has recently taken a big liking treat puzzle games. In addition, he loves to go bushwalking , enjoying different smells , surface feels and textures, he is all legs still but that doesn’t stop his enthusiasm when the car pulls to a stop and the door opens.

His perfect family is one with another playful dog at home and or someone home most days. You will need to be committed to is ongoing training, development, health and happiness and be willing to include him as part of the family, including going out for daily exercise and smelling safaris!!

He’s an active , intelligent pup who has shown his love for outdoor adventure and room to run and sniff. He’s not suited to apartment living.

Rhubarb is great with kids , no snapping or jumping, he’s super gentle and loves to play. Currently living with young kids, dogs and a cat, Rhubarb is a great pup that with the right family, will grow to be an awesome dog.

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