Queso – on hold
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Male
Age: 3 years 9 months old
Dog Size: Small
Adoption Fee: $600
Located: Peakhurst Heights, NSW 2210

What a tiny bundle of cuteness!

Queso is as cute as a button with his little black nose and adorable curly tail. He has a super soft coat and is only a teeny little guy (less than 3.5kg). Queso has a bubbly personality and is a very loving dog to his owners once he settles into his new environment and gets to know you. He loves to come and stand with his front paws on your leg with his tail wagging and you might even get a little kiss. He is not huge on toys but occasionally you will see him grab a soft little one and take off with it. Queso loves to curl up with you for cuddle time or is happy to find himself a snuggly spot to sleep. Nothing is cuter than when he is having a nice scratch as he wiggles around on his back.

During his time in care, we have discovered that he needs a home with other dogs. When by himself he lacks confidence and becomes suspicious of visitors to the home. However, when living with other dogs he is guided by their reactions, so we are looking for a home with at least 2 other happy and friendly dogs. Queso is currently living with 4 other dogs of all different sizes and has met a range of other dogs while in care. He doesn’t seem to know much about how to play with the others, but he does enjoy chasing them around the yard and enjoys their company.

Queso is not keen on being touched by strangers. He doesn’t show aggression, but he is uncomfortable. We are looking for an adult only home where he can be more relaxed and one where there are not too many visitors coming and going all the time. His new owner needs to be willing to advocate for him when out to prevent people from touching him unnecessarily and encouraging any visitors at home to just ignore him.

Queso loves going for a walk (at least half an hour daily please!) and he is super good to walk. He is great on the lead and walks past everyone and anything without a fuss as long as he is with his pack of doggie friends. Queso is also great off lead and never strays far away unless there is a bird to chase! He is very well behaved in the home, sleeps throughout the night and travels well in the car. Queso has never urinated in his foster home but has had a few accidents pooping. You tend to find these close to the door to outside so with better access to the yard this should improve. This boy is definitely food motivated and thoroughly enjoys his fresh food diet.

We are looking for a dog experienced home where Queso will be included as part of the family and in the daily activities. He is an inside dog but will require access to a nice yard as he loves to sit in the sun, and it will help with polishing up his toilet training. Queso will bark in excitement when you arrive home and alert bark at the door as well so is not suited to unit living. Queso is currently living with a cat harmoniously; however, he does love to chase things so it would not be a good match if your cat does any running around or with uncaged birds, poultry or pocket pets just in case. In the evenings he would love a spot on the couch, or in your lap, to curl up in. Queso does feel the cold so he must sleep inside at night and would benefit from a nice coat or two and some warm beds/blankets. He will absolutely say yes to sleeping in the bed with you at night if you let him too!

If you think that Queso will fit right into your household, then please complete a Dog Adoption Enquiry form on the Fetching Dogs website as the first step. In your application, please be clear about what other dogs are in the home and the type of environment that he would be living in.

Medical Notes: Queso has a luxating patella on his right hind leg that doesn’t bother him too much. This can be managed by keeping him at a healthy lean weight, feeding him a good quality diet, regular exercise and a joint supplement.