Breed: Mixed
Sex: Female
Age: 13 months
Dog Size: Medium
Adoption Fee: $600
Located: Waterloo

It’s time for our shaggy girl Panda to find her forever home. She has the most gorgeous scruffy coat, is a lovely medium size and is the biggest snuggler in town! Whether it be with her people or her canine pals, her favourite thing to do is get in nice and close for lots of cuddles and pats, so you better be prepared to share your couch!

Panda came to us from rural NSW and arrived very timid and unsure of the world. For the first few days she would sit in her crate and not want much to do with her carer or her dogs. Her foster carer has done an amazing job of building her confidence. At home, she is miss social. She loves to snuggle up to guests and enjoys playing games with her carer and her two dogs. She seriously will do anything for a pat and will absolutely be involved if there is food around!

Her confidence is growing daily out and about. Without another dog by her side, she is still quite nervous of other people and dogs and can startle easily with loud noises. With her doggy companions by her side, she is much more confident and is now happy to go up and meet new people and have a play with other dogs. Her continued socialisation is imperative and she will need a home with a handler who has successfully helped timid dogs come out of their shell. Therefore she is not for first time dog owners.

She will require another confident, relaxed and playful dog at home who is happy out and about and when meeting new people and dogs. She finds immense support in having a canine friend and it will help with her transition into a new home. Her new owners should be around more often than not, especially as she settles in so they have the time to get her out and about to continue her exposure to the world.

Panda is a wonderful housemate. She coexists brilliantly with two dogs and a cat and is not a barker. She is currently in a unit and does well in this environment. She would be equally happy in a house or on property too- the main thing is the area is quieter than where she is now, as Sydney city just has a bit too much going on for her to thrive to the best of her abilities. She’s almost completely toilet trained and sleeps through the night on her bed without a peep. She’s happy home alone with the other dogs and does not destroy things. She really is a lovely dog to have around and does not ask for much apart from quality couch time.

Her training is coming along nicely and she is food motivated which is a bonus! She has learnt sit, stop wait and come, she is crate trained and travels brilliantly in the car. Her leash work needs a slight touch up- she walks well most of the time, but can get a bit excited to meet other dogs and people so will need a handler who can redirect her focus and only allow her to engage when she is calm.

Panda’s ideal family will be an adult only home. She has been fine with kids out and about, but due to being on the more timid side we feel she would appreciate a calmer household. A home where she will be allowed inside as part of the family and provided a warm bed inside of a night is a must. She is quite an active girl and has displayed minor herding type play style on occasions so will require a decent amount of physical and mental stimulation daily as we believe she has some sort of working dog in her mix.

Panda is seriously a delight and is going to be an amazing and loyal companion for her forever people. If you feel you have a panda sized hole on your couch, fill out an adoption application form on our fetching dogs website as the next step in the process.