Breed: Mixed
Sex: Female
Age: 3 years
Dog Size: Large
Adoption Fee: $600
Located: Bronte

Olive is an energetic, playful, obedient, well behaved girl with a love for sleeping!

She is extremely affectionate and happiest when snuggled up on her bed or on the lounge next to you. She will also wait patiently until invited up on the lounge.

Olive is extremely clever, easy to train, food oriented and exceptionally obedient – always comes when she is called and always sits neatly at your feet when called back. When she has had enough of playing with other dogs she comes and stands between your legs and we know its time to leave the party.

Well trained, she knows how to “shake hands/ high-five” and when to “got to her bed”. She “knocks” on doors with her paws instead of barking or scratching and is learning to “give” back a ball or stick after she chases it – and will always give it up if there is a treat in return – loves tug of war and ball games.

She LOVES other dogs – has never had an issue with another dog and happy to play with any dog big or small. She adores puppies, knows to be gentle, but loves a rough and tumble with a bigger dogs too. Olive loves being chased more than doing the chasing and is super fast! She finds small barking dogs stressful and annoying.

She enjoys her group pack walks with other dogs, and has recently stayed on a farm with 10 other big dogs and had a brilliant time.

We think she would do best with children over 10/12, as she can get nervous around sudden movements or sudden loud noises. She gets stressed in storms and doesn’t like the noise of wind if it is whistling through the house.

Olive seems to have a natural protective instinct, particularly with the females of the family, so may not be as welcoming to strangers, especially if wearing high viz clothing, or running into her space in the park, walking purposefully with a back pack etc and will sometimes run at them barking if off lead but has amazing recall and will come back immediately when called.

Olive would be best suited to a family that will give her good daily exercise, have another playful dog at home for company or have access to dogs for play time. She will require someone home more often than not unless you have another dog. Equally happy t live on acres with room to run and play all day. You will be committed to her ongoing training and happiness and make her an integral part of the family. A warm, comfy bed inside for sleeping is a must. She is not tested with cats or pocket pets.

If you feel you can give Olive a loving, active home, please complete the adoption enquiry form on our Fetching Dogs website as the next step.