Breed: Mixed
Sex: Female
Age: 9 weeks
Dog Size: Medium
Adoption Fee: $700
Located: Manly

Okean is your go-geta kind of girl. We have your energetic girl ready for your next adventure.

She is a very intelligent and athletic dog, she is bright, switched on and always aware of her surroundings (in direct contrast to her brother – who’s always sleeping!) She is an energiser bunny – the batteries rarely run out! But she does love cuddles and quiet time… sometimes.

Okean loves rumbling and wrestling her brother and although she is half his size, she is tenacious and fearless. An independent little miss, she loves an adventure and doesn’t need to look back for reassurance. She is loving and keen to connect with her humans and will be great for any training setting.

She is a clever girl and comes when she is called, she knows her name – sometimes she gets distracted as there are more important things than you occupying her mind. She is very intelligent and with training she has the capacity to be a great dog. She also understands the concept of fetch – she likes to share things with her humans.

She loves the excitement of children, especially if they can match her energy. Her herding instincts are obvious, an alert little creature, she is always looking for the opportunity to “round them up”. She is a worker by nature and would strongly benefit from doing any dog sport type of activities. She loves chewing the toys, loud noises and the thrill of the chase.

Okean means ocean and this couldn’t be more fitting as the beach is heaven for her, the opportunities for excitement are endless … seagulls, sand, swell and surprises. She is great in the car, as it means you are off on an adventure! She tends to sleep on the trip in preparation.

She thinks she is invincible, confident and assertive – this little puppy thinks she’s got it sorted. Okean has found her voice and knows how to use it. She can be a little yappy and whinging when she wants attention. She isn’t an apartment dog, this one is a country girl at heart. She would be well suited to a farm – with lots of space to burn her energy or learn the tools of the herding trade! Great with Kids, but she could also be a farmer’s best friend!

Her mum was a kelpie mix and dad was unknown. She will be a clever little pup and will need an active lifestyle and a family that will give her mind the fundamentals of work and mental stimulation. She will need a home that is committed to training and extra sports or activities that will allow inside living too. If you can offer a home full of learning and fun then please apply.