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Meet Monkey! His name describes his personality!

This boy is great. Full of personality, he’ll keep you laughing with his silly antics. Known to run around the yard, squeaky toy in mouth, doing zoomies, jumping around, he’s not shy at amusing himself when no-one else is playing.

Very dog social, Monkey loves other dogs and playing is a favourite past time. He’ll play chasies, bitey face, wrestling, rumbles, with toys, you name it, he likes to play it. Mornings and afternoons are the best time to play.

Don’t worry though, this boy does have an off switch! During the day, Monkey is equally happy just chillin’ and will often be found curled up on a bed in the sun, on the lounge etc.

He’s a great combination of cuddly and independent, so loves having a snuggle with you on the couch and then trots off to his own space on the lounge to settle down for a nap.

Monkey is exceptionally well trained and loves to please his people. His new family should keep up his training to keep him at his best and forge that all important bond. Additionally, he travels really well in the car and will enjoy being included in family outings.

He’d do brilliantly with a dog experienced, active & adventurous family, preferably with another dog at home, larger & older, and or someone home most days. Based on his playful nature, I’d suggest kids over 5 that are dog savvy. He’s untested with cats or pocket pets but has been around chooks/geese with no issue.

Current living on acreage, Monkey wouldn’t suit an apartment or inner city living. As social as he is, dog parks are not the environment for him and would prefer a known group of doggy friends for play time.

Monkey really is a fabulous dog that will thrive in an environment where he gets to do activity with his family, has some cuddle time and has an opportunity for doggy play time daily. He’s just an all round great dog and super easy to have around.

If you’re looking for a little monkey to make you smile, this one may be right! Fill in the adoption enquiry form on our Fetching Dogs website to register your interest.