Breed: Mixed
Sex: Male
Age: 11 months
Dog Size: Medium
Adoption Fee: $600
Located: Malabar

MG is just an all-round great dog! If you are looking for a new member of the family who will love you and try his best to please you, then you’d be crazy not to snap up MG! He’s willing to please, easy going and pretty chilled out for a young dog.

After arriving in the foster carer home, it only took him a couple of days to relax and settle in and he quickly picked up the rules of the house. He loves cuddles and affection and likes to give ear kisses to show his love. He likes to come and see what you are up to, but is also happy settling on his own in his bed or outside in the sun.

He was very respectful to the older dog in the home who is not interested in playing with him. MG doesn’t hassle the carers dog, he just asked with manners if they could play and interact, but he was knocked back and now just lets the older dog be and they share the space in a companionable way.

He is super friendly with strangers including children and is always keen to meet new people. He can get excited when new people come to the house and needs to be reminded not to jump up when he first meets them.

MG knows sit and is now working on stay and down. He is doing really well with stay and is learning to sit and wait to be able to eat his dinner. He is a quick learner and is food and praise motivated.
He is much more focused and confident on the lead now and walks well. He is not a chewer or destroyer and only barks occasionally if a dog barks nearby. He loves to play tuggy and will race up and down with a toy in his mouth when he’s excited. He’s generally a really easy going dog!

MG is a fantastic fun and loving dog who adjusts well to a new environment. He is quite social and would like a family who will include him in family outings and would love a playmate, whether that be another playful dog or humans willing to play and run around with him. He is looking for a loving home where he’ll be inside with the family but can also enjoy time in the garden.

His new family should be committed to his ongoing training, socialisation, health & happiness. Ideally another friendly, playful dog at home or someone home most days. He will require good daily exercise along with the opportunity to play with other dogs if none at home.

If you’re interested in this amazing boy, fill in the adoption enquiry form on our Fetching Dogs website as the next step.