Breed: Mixed
Sex: Female
Age: 4.5 years
Dog Size: Large
Adoption Fee: $550
Located: Ambarvale

Miss Mai is the definition of rescue.

Rescue is changing that dog’s life. Mai has come from a backyard life where she was bred from every season. She has raised so many puppies and cared for them, it is now her turn.

Since Mai has come into care she has discovered her love for snuggles with her family under the blankets. She has learnt the warmth of love and affection and seeks it out from her family in a lovely gentle way. She will put her paw up and kindly ask for more. She is house trained and sleeps the night through if she is on your bed. (Spoilt much!) She has learnt sit and shake too!

Mai loves the car and will happily jump in ready to explore. She is great on lead and really loves to sniff every smell possible and if the smell if good enough, then a quick roll around in it will do!

She is still unsure of new dogs. She happily walks past them however does try to avoid any contact. She is still unsure of what the other dogs are going to do, so an easy paced and safe introduction will help her learn to engage with other dogs! She has had a few pack walks and it has been an absolute joy watching her grow in confidence and even do some zoomies in play. See her video posted on our facebook page! It will make you understand the happiness it brought us.

Mai is able to be left alone during the day, however will let you know with a few small whimpers she is not thrilled about it. But the greeting you get coming home is with so much excitement. She has the best cha cha dance moves and her wiggle butt does not stop.

We are looking for a home with a patient owner, who is happy to show her the world at her pace. She is a true gem ready for it to be her time for tender love and care. She has skipped the crazy years and looking for a quieter home. Someone able to watch her grow in confidence and ensure manners and routines are kept.

Mai is happy for a home without another dog or another quiet, stable, relaxed dog that would not get in her personal space. We are so excited to find this girl the perfect home so she has have the life she deserves.