Lola & Caesar – on hold
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Male
Age: 4 & 6 years
Dog Size: Large
Adoption Fee: $900
Located: Menai

Lola – Malt Shitzu – 6 years old female

Caesar – Boxer/mastiff – 4 years old male

What a pair! Love big dogs but the partner wants a small dog? I have found the perfect solution.

Lola and Caesar are a combo that will suit most households. They are well mannered doggies. They love their walks and makes it very easy with their good lead skills. Meeting and walking past dogs is enjoyable with a little sniff and continue on their way.

They are dog social and have been raised in a social environment visiting parks and the pair have been raised with children and are gentle around them. They are happy to meet new visitors, once this lockdown is over.

This pair sleep calmly on their beds inside and are toilet trained, although Lola will do a sneaky snooze on the big beds if no one is watching. They are very affectionate and enjoy all the love and pats up on offer. Cesar has a special gift and knows when you have had a bad day, he will become sooky and nudge you for some extra love.

They enjoy playing with toys, especially chasing the ball. Lola is first of the mark and will be right after the ball, once Caesar catches up he wouldn’t dare collect it, as the good gentleman he is. They both enjoy car rides, so no excuse why they can’t come on outings. Lola is professionally groomed and is happy during the process. Cesar is fine being left alone for this period of time but is so excited for her return. Its adorable watching him run around with her after she is freshly clipped.

Lola & Caesar are looking for a new family together, one where walks are plenty and cuddles are more. Continued social walks will ensure these two remain social and well balanced in new situations. If you’re looking for a pair to keep all the family members happy please get in contact and fill out an adoption form.