Breed: Mixed
Sex: Female
Age: 4 months old
Dog Size: Medium
Adoption Fee: $700
Located: Frenchs Forest NSW 2086

It’s time for our beautiful girl Lata to find her forever family. Whoever is lucky enough to adopt this gorgeous pooch, is going to enjoy a lifetime of cuddles and adventures- she’s a little pocket rocket!

Lata’s parents were working dogs and she has inherited their drive so is a dog who will require a job. She has started basic nose works and is enjoying the mental stimulation that this supplies. Lata is very food motivated and super smart which makes her an excellent obedience or trick dog candidate. If her needs are not met, she is already showing signs that she will become frustrated, becoming stubborn and back chatting her foster carers.

With her foster carers she is an extremely affectionate and cuddly puppy so will be a loving and loyal companion. She builds a strong bond with her handler and loves to engage and interact with them. Lata is not only food motivated but also toy motivated and she loves to play with her toys. She is such a fun and energetic pup who has so much potential.

When Lata came into care she was diagnosed with ringworm and as it is a highly contagious fungal infection, she was unable to go out and about. Now that she has the all clear from the vet, she is beginning to catch up on the missed exposure and socialisation. Lata can be a bit overwhelmed in new environments and a bit shy meeting new people; however, she quickly warms up to the new people she meets with some encouragement and nice pats. Due to this, she isn’t suited for first time dog owners. She will need a confident handler who is able to help her navigate her way through new experiences.

While in foster care, Lata has begun her basic training. She is crate trained, travels well restrained in the car and is even great for bath time! Lata can sit on command, offer her paw and her toilet training is going well. Like any working breed puppy, she will require ongoing training. Lata is still in the mouthing stage so is not suitable to live with children. Those children 15 years and over who are dog savvy and able to assist with the training to get through this stage would be ok.

Lata would greatly benefit from living with another playful and confident adult dog. She is dog social and is currently living with 3 other large breed dogs. We are looking for an adopter with working breed or high drive dog experience that is committed to providing the required amount of physical and mental stimulation that Lata needs. She should be allowed inside to be with the family and will need to sleep inside at night. Lata ideally needs someone who is around more often than not or who has the capability to take her to work with them some days.

If you would like to make this stunning girl a part of your family then please complete a Dog Adoption Enquiry form on the Fetching Dogs website as the next step. Please include your prior dog experience with similar types of dogs and your plans to provide for Lata throughout her life.