Breed: Mixed
Sex: Male
Age: 5 years
Dog Size: Medium
Adoption Fee: $550
Located: Enmore

Are you obsessed with dogs? Kondor may be your perfect match as he’s obsessed with humans!!

This smooshy face love bug will just love, love, love you! Kondor loves people in general and is always excited to see you. He enjoys meeting new friends and is accepting of everyone.

Around the house, he likes to follow you around so he never misses out on anything fun and loves to sit at the front window watching the people and cars goes by.

Whilst in care, Kondor has been learning some manners and is good at sit, shake, stay and leave it. He’s not too bad on lead but still needs a little more guidance. His toilet training is fine and currently has full access inside & out. He’s not overly interested in toys but food is a different matter…he loves food!! If you use treat rewards with training, he’ll come along well.

Kondor was lacking on socialisation with other dogs and would get very stressed and unsure in busy environments but after spending a few weeks with Bond & Beyond for some much needed help, has become much more relaxed and happier around dogs.

His training was basically focused on socialisation with both dogs and humans and walking around on leash in dog parks to learn to calm down in these environments. He has improved a lot and if definitely a happier dog. With a very experienced owner willing to put in the time and effort with controlled, positive doggy interactions, he has the capacity to develop even further in this area.

Due to his excitement meeting people, kids will be intimidated by this guy, so we’re looking for an adult only home or teenage children.

Kondor will need an active family that will take him out to explore the world, be committed to his ongoing training and engaging his ‘off switch’. You’ll need to be at home most days, allow inside access with a comfy bed or lounge to snooze on and be super interested in regular doggy smooches, snuggles and an overload of love.

He’d do best in a suburban / rural environment (not high density) to ensure his new manners stay well grounded and to allow you to confidently continue his training.

One of the friendliest dogs around, Kondor will make an amazing companion for the right family. If you’d like to know more, head over to our Fetching Dogs website and complete the adoption enquiry form.