Breed: Mixed
Sex: Female
Age: 12 weeks old
Dog Size: Large
Adoption Fee: $650
Located: Randwick, NSW 2031

We like to say all the dogs that come through our doors are special, but Keller is just that little bit extra special. Keller is the result of an accidental double Merle breeding which has left her completely deaf and with compromised vision. But don’t feel sorry for her, she was born this way and doesn’t know any different! 


Keller doesn’t let her disabilities get in her way and she doesn’t want her forever family to treat her any differently. She is exceptionally smart and very food motivated which helps with her training. While in care she has been learning basic sign language and is now working on touch training. She is very confidently navigating her foster home and even is a bit cheeky getting into things she shouldn’t be! 


It is imperative Keller’s new family either have experience with deaf or blind dogs or have seriously considered and researched what it means to own a dog with special needs. A lot of time will need to be spent building a very close bond between dog and owner and training very clear communication lines. Keller can get overwhelmed out and about and will need a family committed to proper socialisation to the outside world appropriate to her situation and where her training is up to. She is not a dog for first time dog owners. 


Keller is in foster care with her brother and an adult Staffy. She is social with both of them, although can be a bit nervous when meeting new dogs until she finds her feet. She will need a family who can provide frequent  appropriate socialisation opportunities with other dogs to ensure she grows up into a happy, social girl. 


Her forever family should have a stable and social dog already in the home to act as a guide and support for this girl. We are looking for an adult only home and one without cats or pocket pets. Keller will be a high energy dog when mature so units will not be suitable. 


Keller has already started nose works classes and is of course doing brilliantly. This girl has so much potential and her impairments won’t slow her down ! Her forever home should make Keller an integral part of the family and provide her with a warm, comfy bed inside to sleep in of a night. 


If you feel you might be the right match for our gorgeous girl, fill out an adoption enquiry form as the next step in the process. 

Medical notes:

Keller has been to the vets and has been given a clean bill of health. The vets have said she is most likely completely deaf. They believe she can see at a minimum shadows and movement and is able to navigate her environments well. She will be seeing an eye specialist soon so we can provide her forever family with as much in depth information about her eyes as we can. 

Although perfectly healthy now, double Merle puppies can develop other health problems later in life. New owners should do their own research on this and make sure they are comfortable with this before applying.