Breed: Mixed
Sex: Female
Age: 2.5 years
Dog Size: Medium
Adoption Fee: $550
Located: Oatley

Kalah is a typical happy, friendly staffy mix that adores people.

Since coming into care, she has shown that she can learn new things and has done very well with all the basic commands, is house trained, sleeps well through the night, is happy to be left alone for short periods during the day and doesn’t destroy or chew things.

Kalah ignored all toys and balls to start with but now, her stuffed rabbit is her favourite toy and she loves chasing, retrieving & returning a ball in the backyard. She’s one of those dogs that wants to be around her favourite humans, so giving her free rein inside and out will be a must.

She loves snuggles on the lounge, following you around the house, exploring in the yard and snoozing in the sun. Kalah is also enjoying good daily walks and is a tad overweight, so continued daily exercise is a must.

Whilst in care, she’s been learning some extra manners on lead and how to calmly walk past other dogs, listen whilst off lead and she’s been doing exceptionally well. With that in mind, Kalah will still need a more experienced handler that will continue all her good work and develop her further. She’s met and played with other dogs in controlled environments but we don’t feel she’s ready just yet to visit dog parks.

Her perfect home will be one where she can hang around the family and can come and go outside as she pleases as she loves to explore in the backyard and discover all the nooks and crannies. You would need to be home most days and want a cuddly, loving dog. She’s been fine with the kids that she’s met too. Untested with cats or pocket pets, but don’t think she’d be suited to living with them.

Her new home should be on the calmer, quieter side, she will become anxious in a high energy, busy environment at this stage.

If you feel you can offer this sweet girl a loving home, please complete the adoption enquiry form on our Fetching Dogs website.