Gable & Harlow – Bonded Pair
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Female
Age: 11 years
Dog Size: Medium
Adoption Fee: $950
Located: Ambarvale

Do you have a hobby farm or escape the city life? Have we got the pair for you!

Gable (11yo male – larger of the two) and Harlow (11yo female – smaller of the two) are a bonded pair who have lived their whole lives together in far western NSW. They were working dogs on a farm and they came to us to find a loving retirement home to spend the rest of their days.

Both of these guys are really sweet dogs who love attention. They crave your pats and affection and will give it back with waggy tails. They love affection and tend to jump up with their front paws stretching for more loving! They have been learning to sit for love and all I can say is lucky we have two hands, you will need them!

Generally, they are really chilled and happy dogs who would love a laid-back lifestyle and human companionship.

We are ideally looking for a rural or semi-rural property for them but will consider a quiet suburban area. They are not city dogs and not dog park dogs – they just want the quiet life. Both dogs are under the average person’s knee height, so are on the small side of medium sized dogs.

These two are typical workers – they walk behind you so there is no pulling on the lead but they do a bit of weaving from side to side so this makes it easier for them to be off-lead or walked by separate people so they don’t get tangled. They would love to just follow their people around the property or garden. Both dogs respond to a firm voice and have been learning to sit more quickly on command. They want to please and will settle into your routine.

As retired working dogs they are not used to being inside but have been learning all about it in their foster home. They are curious and now understand the routine. Currently they are sleeping on some nice comfy beds in the laundry together and will not toilet in there during the night. During the day they are happy to chill outside in the yard while their carer is at work so there is no problem with them being home alone together when you go out.

Individually, Gable has a goofy and lovable personality. He is always happy – smiling and wagging his tail. He is always up for doing something with you and enjoys car rides and his walks. Harlow is super sweet and affectionate. She is a little more nervous in the car and in busier areas but a lot is still very new to her. Harlow’s brain is still sharp as a tack and she would happily still do some work if you let her.

We are looking for a home where they will be loved and well-treated in their retirement. Somewhere where they can relax but still enjoy a bit of pottering around and some good smells. They are friendly with all people, but kids should be more dog savvy in case they jump up or knock them. As they are already their own bonded pair, they are looking for a home without any current dogs. They also are not interested in socialising with other dogs out and about – they will just keep walking with their person and ignore dogs they see.

If you are interested in offering them the perfect retirement home then please complete a dog adoption enquiry form on the Fetching Dogs website as the first step.