Dia – on hold
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Female
Age: 10 months old
Dog Size: Medium
Adoption Fee: $550
Located: West Pennant Hills, NSW

Dia is our resident social butterfly! This girl is just a bundle of love and is always happy to show her affections. She is friendly with everyone she meets and loves to get lots of pats and attention. You can’t miss her waggy tail and happy smiley face – she’s guaranteed to always make you smile too. Dia loves to play with toys and have fun. Despite coming from rural NSW, she has adapted so well to living in Sydney and thoroughly enjoys going on adventures with her foster carer.


During her time in care, Dia has been living with a Doberman puppy whom she loves to play and rumble with. She has also had playdates with other dogs and has shown to be social with all of them. Her typical rumble play style means that she is best suited to playing with medium or larger dogs who like the same type of play. Dia is not ready to go to a dog park or off-leash environment yet but thoroughly loves meeting and playing with her doggy friends. She is a medium sized girl about 16kg in size. Dia is a active but doesn’t really have a lot of stamina. She will need a daily walk on lead and playtime at home.


Dia LOVES her food and being told what a good girl she is. This makes her an eager participant in training activities which she responds well to. While in care she has learnt her basic commands such as sit and drop (lie down). When she first goes out on the lead she does pull a bit due to her excitement but then walks well. Dia is crate trained, sleeps through the night and is toilet trained. She doesn’t love being left alone but is becoming more settled with time and stability. If she is left with her foster brother with some fun toys then she is ok.


We are looking for a home where Dia will be a part of the family and included in the daily activities and outings. She will need a home with another medium to large playful dog and where someone is home more often than not. As she is still a younger girl she can be a bit jumpy and is still learning not to mouth in play so for these reasons she is best suited for an adult only home or one with dog savvy teenagers. Dia needs to be allowed to be inside with the family and to sleep inside at night.


Dia is looking for a more suburban or rural environment rather than inner city living and this will allow her new family to continue her exposure to new things gently without overwhelming her. She would benefit from attending some group training classes which will also help her bond with her new owners.


Dia’s happy personality is infectious and her new owners are going to just love her zest for life. If you think you are Dia’s match, fill in our adoption application form as the next step in the process.