The 13 Project

Posted: October 25, 2015 at 11:10 am by admin


Serena from Pretty Fluffy set up something called The 13 Project, back when there were 13 weeks left in the year! This project is all about acts of kindness towards animals. In her own words:

“There are times when I think, if I was more influential… wealthier… better connected… I could make more of a difference. That little voice inside my head tells me no matter how hard I try I’m just one person. And one person can’t make a difference.

Well I’m here today to tell that voice they’re wrong. One person can make a difference, and I want YOU to join me. Join me in The 13 Project.

The 13 Project is a Pretty Fluffy initiative that involves 13 acts of kindness towards animals before 2013. Inspired by my involvement in last year’s 12 before 2012 project, I wanted to make the tail end of 2012 count. We have exactly 13 weeks left of this year, so what better way of embarking on a list of 13 achievable and worthy goals before the year is out.”

There’s a lot we at Fetching Dogs already do but never let it be said we’re not up for getting our hands dirty some more! So here’s our list:

  1. I will find Quidditch his perfect, committed, dedicated family, and they will be forever grateful I waited for them. And then my heart will break when he goes.
  2. We will find more foster carers and, in turn, be able to responsibly rescue more dogs.
  3. We will continue to support our favourite Rescue Groups, through partnered events and general rescuing practices.
  4. The new website will be completely finished!
  5. Start to organise our next major fundraising event. And it will rock.
  6. We will promote Who’s The Bully? more to ensure the message reaches a wider audience.
  7. Design a logo for a small Rescue Group in need, pro bono.
  8. Share thirteen PetRescue profiles of other animals in need of homes from a variety of different groups on our Facebook Page.
  9. Find more affiliates/sponsors to better support our dogs.
  10. Push the education of responsible pet ownership, especially for young children.
  11. Finally get that book I’ve always wanted to write about our rescue adventures underway, and fundraise with it.
  12. Have more fun.
  13. Name a dog Tyrannosaurus.

Thanks for getting this project started, Serena. Sometimes the time just flies and you don’t have time to really stop and get thing prioritised! Hopefully we’ll be able to get a good chunk of these done!

What are you guys going to do before the year is out?


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